Thursday, 20 May 2010

Ciao Amore Ciao!

Welcome to my little blog. I hope you'll enjoy the recipes and photos that I'll be posting from now on. I've been so inspired by all the other food blogs that there are around at the moment - I can only hope that my creations stand up to my contempories.

I'm sure that just before I begin, you'd appreciate knowing a little more about me.
My name is Alice Pavi and I live in Hereford, England. I have a nine month old daughter, Maddalena Fiorenza, and a devoted husband, Leonardo.Together we have a small restaurant where I am the chef. Although I enjoy all aspects of cooking, I have a particular passion for pastry and ice cream. I'm sure all of that will become clear very soon.

Of course, I have other interests too. These extend to a little light gardening (why not grow what you eat?), the arts and more recently, cooing at babies in supermarkets. Motherhood does strange things to you.

Now, without further ado, welcome to my kitchen!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Alice, my husband and I discovered your restaurant very recently and absolutely loved it. I am from Argentina and in my family we are half italians, so it is nice to have what I call "proper food" in Hereford!.
    I particularly enjoyed the Nutella ice cream at Ponte Veccio, which I am ashamed to say is now my favourite, only just ahead of Dulce de Leche Ice cream (the caramel we have in Argentina). Try that and it will be a hit too!.
    I love the blog, great pictures and recipies, though I am not good at all in the husband will have to try and cook the recipies instead of me.
    All the Best,