Monday, 11 April 2011

The Kitchen Courtyard

The Ponte Vecchio courtyard is looking rather sorry for itself at the moment. The pots are empty and devoid of anything except their compost and a few winter pansies that are leggy and look a little lost having survived the long cold winter we are finally out of.

At this time of year, I start getting excited about the seeds I will sow for the coming summer months.
We will fill most of the boxes with tomato plants, not one of them to produce a red tomato though - only yellow and purple ones here. Last year I also started to experiment with edible flowers and we put nasturtiums, borage and radish flowers in salads.
This year I hope to continue along these lines, perhaps with a few herbs and some alpine strawberries to add to the collection.

For now, this is the courtyard, bare and grey; but we hope to update the pictures over the coming months so you can see the progress and some of our courtyard produce in action.


  1. Purple tomatoes! We are doing purple peppers.... So pretty!

  2. Hi Alice, I love your courtyard, it's filled with so much potential :) Mmmm definitely looking forward to your produce!

  3. a great space, cannot wait to see the end results!!


  4. I love have a little kitchen garden. Temps are starting to warm up, though winter does not want to let go and we are having a rain/snow mix today. Soon there will be tomatoes, herbs and more just out my kitchen door.