Thursday, 24 June 2010

Down on the farm

On Wednesday we were finally able to visit our new supplier, Whitethorn Farm at Carey.

A few weeks ago, the owners brought their children into the restaurant for a meal and mentioned that they'd set up an organic farm a few miles out of town several years ago.
'Could you supply us?' we immediately asked.
'Yes, of course.'
'Straight away.'
Contact details were swapped and surely enough, the next day we received an email listing all their current offerings.
We since made an order once a week and have always been blown away by the quality of their produce.
Strawberry seconds we used in a sorbet had barely a spot on them.

We've just finished peeling 2kilos of fresh garlic. Almost still wet and slighty slippery between your fingers, each clove just pops out of its paper with the gentlest nudge.
We look forward to having some beetroot next month in a special and cucumber at the height of summer when all anyone wants to drink is Pimms and lemonade.

It'd be best not to mention how vibrant the colours of all the redcurrants ripening on their bushes were, and how green and purple the seas of mixed lettuce were - you'll only want to go there yourself to take all of the lovely produce home with you.

Just imagine the delights of the orchard fruits later in the year. We feel thouroughly spoilt and so enthusiastic for all the fruits of the land that we could go out and buy a few acres and do all of the hard work ourselves.
Oh wait. No, let's leave it to the professionals.

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